Sponsored pilots

Jake "Jakehammer" Capobres

DinDrones is committed to expanding the hobby/sport and
believes STEM programs are a way to do that. As an example,
DinDrones sponsors/trains Jake Capobres - a young
competitive drone racer in MultiGP. His parents believe his
involvement in drone racing has improved him as a student and
a person who cares about his community.

Washington Post and Detroit Free Press have recently published an article about Jake’s success in FPV world.


Cory “Mewo” Ibanez

Mewo's been dominating national and international drone races
for the past four years, taking 6th at both the 2018 & 2019
MultiGP National Championships, all while working on his
degree. He considers himself an extremely strategic,
calculated pilot, only going as fast as he needs to win a
given race vs. going full-throttle at all times. DinDrones is honored to be his sponsor.


Levi "Leviathann" Johnson


Lukas Alexander “Cryson FPV” Böhm


Crysonfpv is the rising star of European drone racing. 16 year old student from Germany, taking top 8 positions in TBS EU Spec Series, VRL Champs and DCS Aircrasher tournaments. Very talented and passionate pilot!


Mason "Hyper" Lively

2022-23 DRL Pilot