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DinDrones Battery Box V2

DinDrones Battery Box V2

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DinBox is a field charging solution designed for RC enthusiasts who require independence, efficiency, and mobility. It contains 56 x 5000mAh 21700 cells, forming a 4s14p battery capable of charging 32 x 1400mAh 6s or 34 x 1300mAh 6s batteries from 0 to 100%. In real-life terms, this means it can charge approximately 40-50 batteries, as fully discharging batteries to 0% is detrimental.

DinBox is controlled by a Bluetooth BMS that enables users to monitor the current charge/discharge status, cell voltage, set cutoff voltage, and power off the battery. The BMS will automatically detect overheating during charge/discharge, overcurrent protection (limited to 40A), and will shut down in case of overvoltage (above 16.8V) or undervoltage (below 11V).

Each 21700 cell is individually fused, similar to Tesla's design. In the event of a cell failure, the fuse will burn out, isolating the faulty cell from the system. This can be easily identified by inspecting the box's PCB, and the cell can be replaced, and the fuse can be fixed within minutes.

One of the standout features of the latest DinBox generation is its portability: the cells can be easily removed from the enclosure and stored in your carry-on baggage (individual plastic cases are highly recommended). TSA imposes a capacity limit of 100Wh per battery, but there is no restriction on the quantity of batteries with less than 100Wh that can be carried on board.


    • Nominal Voltage: 14.4V
    • End of Charge Voltage: 16.8V
    • Discharge cut-off Voltage: 11V
    • Nominal Stored Energy: 999Wh
    • Chemistry: Li-Ion
    • Standard Charge: 14,000 mA: CC-CV 100 mA cut-off
    • Quick Charge Current: 28,000 mA
    • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 40,000 mA
    • Charging Temp: 0°C ~ 45°C
    • Discharging Temp: -20°C ~ 70°C
    • Storage Temp: -5°C ~ 35°C
    • Storage Humidity: ≤75 % RH
    • Length: 196mm (7.7in)
    • Width: 196mm (7.7in)
    • Height: 83mm (3.2in)
    • Weight: ~10lbs
    • Will hold 85% of capacity after 500 cycles (10 years of usage every week)

    DESIGN EXAMPLES: Instagram

    PRODUCT MANUAL: Download



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