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DinDrones OZR-5X - Hardware

DinDrones OZR-5X - Hardware

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Our hardware vendor is now US based with facilities in CA. The quality is outstanding, we've been using their aluminum screws for 5+ years from now and absolutely committed this should become a golden standard in drone racing. They are expensive and yes, totally worth it.

DinDrones is offering the following options:

Arm screws - M3 x .5 x 12mm Button Socket Cap Alloy Steel - 4PCS per kit

Stack screws - M3 x .5 x 30mm Button Socket Cap Alloy Steel - 4PCS per kit

Top plate screws - M3 x .5 x 6mm Socket Head Cap Screws 7075 T6 Black Aluminum - 4PCS per kit

Standoffs - 25mm Aluminum ASTM B211 hex M3 - 4PCS per kit

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